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Research Information Technology Solutions will work collaboratively with researchers at HMS to identify, design, and deliver a wide range of technological solutions at the ever-changing forefront of biomedical research.  Working closely with HMS Core Facilities, local IT Support, and the HMS IT Client Services and Research Computing teams to provide valued, sustainable and well-supported services to meet research needs.

Our Goals:
  • To develop relationships and resources with researchers to provide sustainable solutions
  • To aid in local research planning, goal setting, communication, and project coordination.
  • To provide quick effective solutions to local or proof-of-concept solutions.
  • To leverage the wealth of available IT expertise at HMS to provide valued solutions.
  • To create reusable resources and solutions for the entire HMS research community.

If you need help using computers in your research and don’t know where to go, Contact Us


New -> Biorender for HMS
Biorender.io a web solution for creating and sharing illustrative scientific figures for publication and communication using a scientifically accurate image library.

Snapgene for HMS 
Snapgene offers HMS researchers the ability to plan, visualize, and document their molecular biology procedures. The streamlined interface supports a range of cloning and PCR manipulations.

REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. While REDCap can be used to collect virtually any type of data allowing for online or offline data capture for research studies and operations.

Bare-Metal Backup for Research Device-connected Computers
A solution to safeguard expensive device configurations. Designed to put failed device computers back in service as quickly as possible. Preventing the need expensive re-configuration of complex devices in the event of a computer-related failure.

Electronic Lab Notebook Features Matrix
In partnership with the HMS Data Management Working Group a comprehensive features comparison over over 25 Electronic Lab Notebook Solutuons.

Suplimental Backup via Amazon Glacier
RITS now provides suplimental backup and recovery (greater than 60days) for HMS research data.

HMS Data Transfer Resources
The movement of research data is becoming a greater challenge. Learn about all the resources available to HMS researchers.

- Supplemental Data Hosting for researchers
- Now offers private space for short-term sharing with offsite collaborators!

Data Sharing and Publication Resources

LabView (beta)