Current/Active RITS Projects:


HMS Molecule Storage Migration

Project Scope: Currently, the Molecule server is being managed by the HMS Web & Advanced Research Platforms team (WARP).

The goal of this project is to move all existing Molecule data from the existing server to the HMS IT’s Isilon system. Upon a successful migration, future state will: eliminate the need for WARP to manage a local file server and backup, facilitate use of the existing HMS storage, reduce cost of operation and provide researchers access to additional HMS IT Storage services, like Tier 2 and Research Data management.

Start Date: 03/04/2019


OMERO CellProfiler Proof of Concept

Project Scope: The OMERO CellProfiler Connector is a new add-on to OMERO that Glencoe has developed that allows OMERO users to analyze images using the open source CellProfiler (CP). CP is a software environment for microscope image analysis developed at the Broad Institute.

While all of this sounds very promising and could be a very popular valueable new offering to HMS researchers, there are many questions reguarding how this tool would be implemented in the HMS enviornment. There are questions of usability, functionability, and scalability In order to answer these questions, the Image Management Core has asked Glencoe if they could install a fully functional demonstration of the application in our development enviornment for testing and evaluation. 

Start Date: 02/11/2019



Project Scope: The Burden of data transfer can weigh greatly on HMS researchers. Depending on the size, destination and data type, getting or sharing data can be difficult, slow and very time consuming. 

The goal of this project is to configure a Globus enviornment to aid the HMS Research IT Solutions team in continuing to provide effective data transfer as a sergice, specirically facilitating large data transfers to/from HMS, securely and efficiently, under a variety of scenarios. 

Start Date: 01/18/2019


HMS WARP Web-Hosting Discovery

Project Scope: There are currently a number of sites that are hosted and managed by HMS WARP.

The goal of this scope of work is to conduct a full inspection of each of these sites by assessing and documenting their purpose, use, business criticality, and technology requirements to create a web inventory matrix. The results of this scope will contribute to a broader examination of HMS IT's web offering and ultimately aid in informing and improving future offerings. 

Start Date: 10/10/2018


HMS IT Windows Web-Hosting Discovery 

Project Scope: Currently there are numerous websites that are hosted on various Windows servers and and redirects for community sites managed by the Technical Platforms group.

The goal of this project is to conduct a full inspection of these sites by assessing and documenting their use, criticality, and technology requirements. The results of this scope will contribute to a broader examination of HMS IT’s web offering in order to make informed decisions to improve future site offerings.

Start Date: 07/30/2018


REDCap Service at HMS - Phase I Implementation

Project Scope: The primary objective is to facilitate the deployment of a secure and sustainable REDCap instance at HMS. This scope will address the technical, security, and administrative requirements of creating a fully-defined, supportable service. RITS will leverage the recommendations of subject matter experts both at HMS and outside of HMS to address the requirements listed in the scope of work.

Start Date: 06/04/2018


Backlogged/Upcoming RITS Projects: 

Note: the table below does not fully reflect all projects/items currently under the RITS Backlog




Lumen Storage migration (Brugge lab) High Small
RITS analytics Medium  Medium 
PPMS/Starfish Integration - Phase 1 Discovery Medium Small
Telomerase Re-architecture Medium Medium
RC DNAStar/Lasergene service transition Medium Small
AWS billing platform Low Medium
RITS VDI- Azure Medium  Small
OMERO- Monitoring PHASE2 Low Small

CryoEM Facility Core Management Solution

HIgh Large


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