Current/Active RITS Projects:

BPF: SVN Migration to GitHub

Project Scope: The goal of this project is to migrate the Biopolymer Facility’s (BPF) LIMS system SVN repository to a dedicated GitHub repository.
RITS will be working with BPF to set up a self-managed, self-serve, private repo where BPF is able to leverage a simplified and collaborative user interface that GitHub offers.
Eventually, BPF is also interested in utilizing GitHub issues  as a potential option for consolidating their MantisHub issue tracking tool.
Start Date: 06/18/2018

REDCap Service at HMS - Phase I Implementation

Project Scope: The primary objective is to facilitate the deployment of a secure and sustainable REDCap instance at HMS. This scope will address the technical, security, and administrative requirements of creating a fully-defined, supportable service. RITS will leverage the recommendations of subject matter experts both at HMS and outside of HMS to address the requirements listed in the scope of work

Start Date: 06/04/2018


Spark/Hail on EC2 Instance

Project Scope: The goal of this project is to enable Ruth McCole, who is a Postdoc Researcher in the Wu Lab in the Department of Genetics to “extract and save information about single nucleotide variants (SNVs) that occur within [specific] regions of interest in the human genome. [To do so requires access to] a very large dataset of the human genomes via the gnomAD dataset

Ruth will be needing specialized tools (Spark and Hail) to query the gnomAD dataset and to analyze results. Considering that both Spark and Hail are not currently compatible to run on the HMS O2 cluster and the computation proved too large for her local system. RITS will be assisting Ruth to find alternative approach to access and query the dataset.

Start Date: 05/14/2018


Snapgene Software Licensing as a Service - Phase I

Project Scope: The goal is to transition the delivery and management of BCMP and Cell Biology Snapgene licenses as a service managed by the HMS IT Research IT Solutions’ (RITS) Team. 

Snapgene is a software that offers the easiest way to plan, visualize and document molecular biology procedures. Snapgene viewer allows for creation and sharing of annotated sequences files in many common file format

This project is viewed as phase 1 of a 2-phase process to offer central Snapgene licensing as service to HMS researchers in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Start Date: 04/23/2018


HMS IT Orchastra Web-hosting Discovery

Project Scope: Currently there are more than 600 websites that are hosted on the HMS Orchestra Cluster. The goal of this project is to conduct a full inspection of all of these sites by assessing and documenting the use, criticality, and technology requirements of each site. The results of this scope will contribute to a broader examination of HMS IT’s web offering and to help IT come up with sound recommendations to improve future offerings.

Start Date: 04/09/2018


Backlogged/Upcoming RITS Projects: 

Note: the table below does not fully reflect all projects/items currently under the RITS Backlog




RedCap Service at HMS Medium  Medium
Telomerase Re-architecture Medium  Large 
Snapgene Campus Rollout (Phase II) Medium Medium
Core Facility Management Tool Medium Small 
BioRender Implementation Low Small
Genetics Backup Data Tape Destruction High Medium
CryoEM Facility Core Management Solution Medium  Large
ELN Tool Pilot- Abraham Lab High Large
RITS- Software Licensing Campus Survey Low  Large


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