RITS Alumni

Mia Nega

Mia Nega

IT Project Manager III

I joined Harvard Medical School in December 2015. As the Project Manager for Research IT Solutions (RITS), I was responsible for the completion of projects centered around providing research tools and technology to HMS departments. Having invested in robust Project Management processes, RITS was known for delivering exemplary results at HMS... Read more about Mia Nega

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Anna Newman

Research Data Management Intern
As the RITS Research Data Management Intern in the spring of 2016, I focused on outreach to researchers to identify their data management needs and created a... Read more about Anna Newman
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William Guida

Research Data Management Intern

As a fledgling information specialist , I was lucky enough to be an intern in the Research Data Management department. In the five months of my...

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Eugene Tsang

Junior DevOps System Administrator Intern

My internship experience at RITS is one I will always cherish. The RITS team welcomed me with open arms and showed outstanding drive to make sure my on-...

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Pierce Ballantyne

Systems Administration and Endpoint Services Intern

I was the Systems Administration and Endpoint Services Intern at RITS from January through April of 2018.  I helped James Weatherell and the tech...

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Esther Simmons

Office and Program Administrator
I joined the Research Information Technology Solutions (RITS) Department in February 2015 as the Office and Program Administrator, providing administrative support to the department for 16 months.  During that time, I have learned how Data Management processes and Project Management processes worked, including creating administrative processes that worked for the RITS Department.   As the administrator, I was tasked with hiring students for the RITS internship programs.  I made connections and networked with many colleges and universities, including some Libraries.  These connections will help with outreach for hiring interns going forward.  The rotations for the programs were always changing and it was hard to get to know the people that were hired as some of them were only here for a short time. ... Read more about Esther Simmons
Amit Patel

Amit Patel

Program Coordinator

I joined RITS as the Program Coordinator when I had just started my Junior Year at Wentworth Institute of Technology. My responsibilities include coordination of defined initiatives, RITS service chargebacks, RITS HR functions, and support for meetings and events. Some of my other tasks include coordination of RITS Procurement functions, data organization, and communication support for: project-related notifications, information gathering, data collection, websites and wiki content. I highly recommend working at RITS because it’s an amazing department to work for especially when each of the mentors are always willing to help out.


Michael Pitts

Junior DevOps System Administrator

I joined RITS in July 2017 as a Co-op from Wentworth Institute of Technology. During my Co-op period I developed technical, analytical and managerial business skills. Being an intern at RITS exposed me to a variety of challenges that built upon previous knowledge while also incorporating new and interesting IT service methodologies. This position involved a great mix of responsibility in project work and system administration tasks, and involved a large degree of technical and career mentorship. After returning as a part-time Junior DevOps System Administrator, I continued to develop and test the internal systems and platforms utilized by the RITS technical team. Working in this role helped me build upon the concepts that I learned as a Computer Information Systems major, while also allowing me to discover new interests and opportunities in the IT field.


Rutika Ranjolkar

Junior Dev-Ops and Systems Administrator Intern

I joined RITS as a JDSA intern in July 2017 as a part of my Co-op program at Northeastern University, where I am pursuing Master’s degree in Information Systems. At RITS, I assist various research teams in the transfer and management of their data in the cloud infrastructure. I am responsible for assisting my mentor, James Weatherell, in maintaining Amazon Web Service components such as VPCs, IAM roles and permissions. As an intern, I am learning and developing new tools to automate, administer and monitor enterprise processes. I am also learning and using the cloud infrastructure to simplify deployments and control costs. I aim to use my academic skills to make a positive difference here at RITS.


Sawyer Newman

Research Data Management Intern

I became a part of the RITS team while attending the Masters in Library and Information Science program at Simmons College, where I had an academic concentration in Information Science and Technology. This internship is an amazing opportunity to learn about data management, and the biomedical research environment.

During my time as a Research Data Management Intern, I focused on database redesign, small scale workflow automation, and researcher workflow analysis. My outside interests include a wide variety of topics related to strategic process improvement and technology.


Katherine Dannehl

Interim Research Data Manager

As a newly minted information professional, RITS was a perfect opportunity to enter the world of data management and information science. As soon as I began working at RITS as an intern, I dove straight into real-world applications and approaches to data management. Attending outreach meetings, responding to inquiries, and working on multiple data management related projects provided me with the chance to grow as a professional. It allowed me to ease into the role of Research Data Management Analyst and then, eventually, into the Interim Research Data Manager role. That’s what I love the most about RITS - there is a huge potential to take on new projects and responsibilities, and to build the skills that you want to build. I can say with certainty that I have gained confidence, made lasting connections, and acquired invaluable skills as I move onto the next phase of my career.... Read more about Katherine Dannehl


Ajit Manuel

Project Management Intern
Ajit Manuel is the project management intern for RITS. He is an electronics and communication engineer, looking to hone his business acumen to complement his technical skills, through the Engineering management program at Northeastern University. He is a passionate and aspiring project manager who currently aids the RITS project management team on all phases of the project lifecycle from inception to execution.
Prem Sagar Yelgoi

Prem Sagar Yelgoi

Systems Administrator

Prem joined RITS as a part of the Genetics Migration Team and contributed greatly to the RITS team for the last 14 months. Prem was responsible for the operation of all of Genetics’ and BPF’s Interim services. Along with the data-to-day operation and administration of servers and tape backup, Prem participated in every migration project; even handling some, like Dymecki Lab Wiki largely on his own. He also assisted with the implementation of the Configuration Management Tool- Puppet.

Troy Petitt

Troy Petitt

Systems Biology Intern

I had an internship from January to June 2016 with the RITS team as a Northeastern University undergraduate. I worked in the Klein Lab in the Systems Biology Department, and had a great experience. Although my day-to-day work took place in that lab, I had full support from RITS, who made the process very smooth. RITS also gave me the freedom to pursue my interests in addition to helping the HMS researchers. My great experience at HMS in 2016 is thanks to RITS, and I highly recommend the Northeastern co-op/internship.

Morgan Hopeman

Morgan Hopeman

Project Management Intern

Morgan came to RITS in 2015 as the first intern of the program. Morgan worked as a project management intern to coordinate the development of a project management framework for RITS as well as aiding in the development of scoping and researching the first RITS projects. Morgan graduated in 2016 with a bachelors of Management Engineering from WPI.
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Tisha Mentnech

Tisha Mentnech

Research Data Management Intern


Tisha assists the Research Data Manager with providing support to HMS researchers in the management of their research data throughout its lifecycle.  She is a graduate student from the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College.  Tisha also works at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences as a Circulation Manager.  Her interests are in equitable access, data management, metadata, and information literacy.

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