Data Management

Data Management is the process of providing the appropriate labeling, storage, and access for data at all stages of a research project. The Research Data Manager works directly with researchers to aid in the management of their data throughout the different stages of the data lifecycle.  For further guidance, please visit the Harvard Biomedical Data Management website:

Research Data Manager Services Include:

  • Work with researchers to classify existing data.
  • Help labs interpret data usage and classification metrics.
  • Develop and refine a process to move infrequently accessed data to other storage tiers (e.g., long-term storage).
  • Create automated methods for moving data between storage platforms and tiers.
  • Provide an understanding of how to sustainably manage large scale data storage.
  • Provide new product and technology recommendations.



Jessica Pierce, Research Data Manager


Research Storage Funding Model

HMS is transitioning to a cost-recovery model for our research data storage due to the exponential growth in large data sets. The new model includes a base, no-cost amount of disk space dedicated to support the storage needs of the School's faculty. The School will encourage the prudent use of resources through the continued funding of long-term storage, temporary storage areas (scratch), and research data management services.

For details on the Research Storage Funding Model, please visit:

For details on the current and future Research Data Storage Services, please visit:


Additional Resources

HMS Image Data Management Core: Information about managing microscopy data.

HMS Research Computing: Information on computational research, including accessing the Orchestra cluster.

Data Management at Harvard: Harvard Library research guide that provides an overview of data management for researchers.

Harvard Catalyst's Investigator's Guide to Research Data Management Practices: Guide to basic data management considerations for researchers who work with confidential or sensitive information involving individuals.